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Our SE Asia SME clients are successful because they are more productive than their competitors and continue to invest to stay ahead. And the success/failure productivity bar is always moving -- and moving up.

Our solutions maximize productivity of both SME marketing and operational resources. We do this:
  • by using proven leading-edge technology
  • by finding and getting appropriate grants and subsidies to multiply the investment's impact on the business.

Successful clients are easy to retain and in our markets where retention rates are just over half, our annual retention rate is always over 95%. We're particularly proud of the success of our clients we've retained since incorporating in 1995.

We develop our own solutions and partner with complementary technology companies to provide a range of products and website builders services.

We are an SME offering business solutions to SMEs.

Creative eWorld


We strive to be the preferred solutions provider that educate & empower our clients with essential business solutions and efficient web services or website builders.
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